Pretty sporty: At the Hildesheim company run 2022, the four fastest stainlesstec runners finished 17th on the 5.5 km route. After all, 1650 runners from Hildesheim companies took part on August 26th. What stainlesstec managing director Jürgen Mozar is just as proud of: 35 of his 65 employees ran or walked along. "You can see how fit our people are," he says happily. There is no question that he also took part himself. There was no rating in the 3.5 km walking group. Otherwise he would have been in one of the first places like in the last few years. The fastest this year was Sami Alili, production and training manager: he ran the 5.5 km in 26.49 minutes. "Actually, I just wanted to run along because I had a soccer game in the afternoon," he says. "But then I got ambitious." “But above all, the company run is about cohesion and team spirit,” explains Jürgen Mozar. Young and older employees, newcomers and veterans gave everything together to reach the finish line. With a sunny 20 degrees, drinks and finger food, employees and family members had a great day at the stainlesstec stand. Sami Alili is certain: "We'll be back next year."