We are experts when it comes to stainless steel. We combine many years of know-how with state-of-the-art technology. Our team works at the highest quality level.

White production: only stainless steel and aluminium

In our white production we only process stainless steel and aluminium sheets in various formats – without contact with other types of steel. This guarantees that the sheets remain permanently corrosion-free and visually flawless. Stainless steel only remains rust-free if it is processed correctly.

In our white production we process:

Stainless steel sheets

Formats up to 2000×4000 and 0.5 to 20 mm material thickness

Surface finish: foiled, sanded up to 400 grit, wet sanded up to 320 grit

Just in time, assemblies, system components

We fulfil almost every wish – including just-in-time and ready-assembled assemblies and system components. We plan and design tailor-made for our customers. Our service also includes procuring and stocking purchased parts for you. If required, we offer to train your fitters. What goes without saying for us: During and after assembly, we check the function of all electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components. This includes, among other things, pressure and leak tests as well as test runs.

Air cleaning

As a wholly owned subsidiary of oxytec ag in Zurich, we produce components for air purifiers for private and commercial purposes as well as industrial exhaust systems for our parent company. oxytec ag is one of the market leaders in air purification, disinfection and water treatment using UV-C, UV/ozone, non- thermal plasma (NTP) and scrubbers combined with systems based on these technologies. For every need, oxytec ag has the optimally tailored answer. Over the past 15 years, the company has equipped hundreds of industrial companies, cruise ships and commercial kitchens. oxytec ag also makes an important contribution in the fight against corona: whether schools, surgeries, hospitals, offices, sanitary rooms or fitness studios – two recent studies from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics prove the extremely high effectiveness of these technologies also against corona viruses and each new mutation in indoor air. Customers come from the food, chemical, textile and other industries as well as utilities and waste disposal companies. Furthermore, oxytec ag also produces air purifiers for public and private applications to kill viruses, germs and odours indoors. Allergy sufferers who react to pollen, dust and other substances also demonstrably experience significant relief of their symptoms when using the devices.

oxytec ag supports architects and planners’ specific requirements for their respective projects, and also helps them to meet legal requirements. Each exhaust air or disinfection system is specifically planned and constructed depending on a large number of parameters e.g. air volume, organic air load, bacterial load, exhaust air velocity or temperature. oxytec designs systems for various types of exhaust air, odours and grease. The comprehensive service provided by oxytec also includes worldwide maintenance of the systems. More information can be found at

Pressure vessels

stainlesstec is your partner for the production of pressure vessels and pressure equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries. We manufacture process vessels for the production, storage and processing of liquid media for our customers. In doing so, we apply the highest quality requirements. We also supply pressure vessels with switchgear, agitators and measuring technology as complete system components. Our pressure vessel specialists and certified welders now have ten years of experience in the field of pressure-bearing components – be it heat exchanger plates, pressure vessels or vacuum chambers. The quality of our work is regularly tested and certified according to DIN AD 2000 HP 0 and DIN 3834.